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Kristiina, University Teacher

This course met my needs perfectly  and gave me tools to reduce stress and take care of my wellbeing in the future.

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Jere, Doctoral Researcher

Maria Sharapan's meditation course was well-researched, offered a variety of practices for life, and has helped me in managing negative emotions during rough times

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Anna, Posdoc Researcher

The 8-week course has given me so much more than I could have imagined! I would recommend it to anyone who is interested.


Kaisa Peltonperä, Researcher

Maria is a very capable and professional mindfulness instructor. Her guidance  makes you feel she really cares and is eager to see and hear the participants. Her guidance makes you feel that each one is good just the way they are. Thank you, the course deepened my understanding and gave me practical tips on my well-being.

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Francesco Cenni, Post-Doctoral Researcher

I think this is a precious opportunity to take care more of myself, understanding when it is the moment to relax and to be in a better state of mind. The course, although very short, gave effective tools for addressing health-style behaviour and of being more aware of the current emotion. Recommend! Thanks.

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Maria, Designer and blogger

I was moving towards Mindfulness practice for 15 years since I heard the key expression 'to be here and now', so when I saw Maria was taking students I decided to try, since it was the most turbulent time of my life. I am very happy I made a choice to dive into the practice under Maria's attentive and goal-oriented guidance. It was hard to fit it into the schedule with the kids, but Maria helped to harmoniously incorporate the practice into daily routine. Although I didn't become saint or 100% ZEN, didn't stop worrying completely, I can angry when I haven't slept of feel tired.  But the most important thing I learnt to not blame myself, allow myself to be alive and to make mistakes and not drown in guilt. I learned to treat all my emotions with acceptance and curiosity, to carefully observe them and let them go. More often I am able to stop ruminating, slow down and enjoy the moment as it is and things around me, getting pleasure of the little things in life. I can safely say I became more mindful and less absent-minded, although there is still work to be done on that :D I became more positive and grateful for what I have, and to Maria for the remarkable experience and the positive change! 

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